Charles B. Strozier, PhD


Some Reasons You Should be Seeing a Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist is a person who helps you with your emotional upheavals. However, the term isn’t a monolith: further academic qualifications determine if a psychotherapist is a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a psychoanalyst. These are people who work with individuals and groups, couples and families, with all ages and nationalities.

But how do you decide if you need to be seeing one?

Let’s talk you through that in this blog.

You find Friends and Family

Usually when someone is having a hard time they turn to their friends and family. It’s the people closest to us which are our biggest support systems. But while they always mean us well, they don’t always instruct in the best manner possible. And therein lays the rub—for in becoming instructors they lose their standing as counselors and listeners. Often they relegate to the didactic—from “get over yourself” to “you need to get yourself together.” Since friends and family members are only listening to you and looking at your problem from a place of their own perspective, it’s hard for them. It’s not their fault that they can’t act as a discount therapist, because they simply lack the academic training and professional expertise.

Additionally, they can be discouraging instead of uplifting. Negative advice and constant pressure can work to exacerbate the problem rather than help you get better. The “I told you so” and “Stop being so dramatic” taunts never helped anyone.  

You Need to Take Care of Yourself

People are keen on grooming these days: from their hair to their skin, nails to their fitness routines, physical wellness has become a way of life. If you should care so much about your physical health, why ignore your mental health? Bear in mind that psychological wellness directly affects your physical outlook. A depressed mind will show up on a face and in the body posture no matter how many toxins you’re able to flush out.

You’re Trying to Discover Yourself

The reason psychoanalysts are able to work out your problems so well is because they understand the complex mechanics of the human mind. Whatever it is that you’re repressed in the deep recesses of your subconscious, whatever it is that’s subtly bothering you, they’ll get to the bottom of it. And by flushing out at the root the problem that’s bothering you, they’re able to provide you insight on yourself. You’ll end up finding out things about yourself you never even knew, you’ll learn to accept and rejoice in yourself, and you’ll have a better connection with your inner self in the end.

Self Expression

Most people fail at self expression because they’re out of touch with their inner selves. Since psychoanalysis is about digging deep into a person and working out the enigma of their personality, the self is the principal focus here. For many people expressing the most basic of emotions becomes a magnanimous issue: shy people find it difficult to confront someone. Disinterested people find it hard to deal with nascent attachments. People who’ve repressed strong feelings are at a loss about how to cope with grief.

Often these failures result in intense feelings of incompleteness, incompetency, and inadequacy. People resort to substance abuse and find that they’ve lost interest in all their favorite hobbies. They even find themselves estranged from friends and close family members. Physical manifestations are frequent and numerous too: from constant headaches to digestive complications, your body is equally affected.

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